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About popular Hair Straightening systems! What are these hair treatments? Alire Hair Design, Orange County hair salon, Irvine

Find out Which one of these hair straightening systems is works the best for your Hair type & conditions! Alire Hair Design. Orange County Hair salon, Irvine 

Article & Hair Straightening By: Al Tehrani.

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as salon professionals, we get many complaints from our women clients about  how long it takes them to style their hair.  They're always looking for a more efficient route to get the style they want, in the time they most desire. Most people deal with a busy schedule and don't have the time to sit in front of a mirror to style their hair for countless hours. one step that will significantly allow a person to reduce the duration of time it takes to style their hair, is for them to undergo a hair straightening treatment.

With so many names and different types of technology for hair straightening systems, people are so confused on  deciding  which treatment is right for them. In this article I try to categorize and narrow down all the hair straightening treatments. 

Basically their are two hair treatments  which have became very popular over the past decade. One of these treatments is known as the Japanese hair treatment, the other is the Brazilian hair treatment, and  although they may have different names and function on your hair , ultimately they share the same mission statement, which is to make your hair smooth and frizz free.
What is difference between the two, that is exactly what we will try to find out here 


1 - Japanese Permanent hair straightening:

If you're looking to have new silky & permanently straightened hair until your new hair grows out, the "Japanese Hair straightening" also called "Thermal Reconditioning"  is the way to make it happen! 
A popular brand name for this type of treatment is "Yuko".  This hair treatment is known to be one of the most well known and popular manufacturing companies for the Japanese hair straightening system! 

How it works:
Japanese hair Straightening products containing a chemical that permanently breaks the bonds that give each strand its shape, and after the processes is completed by a professional hair stylist, the hair is locked into its  new straightened configuration.

After this straightening system is applied, your hair will look sleek and shiny, and its bonds will be so powerful that even the heat from a curling iron or hot roller wont break down the straight bonds.

additional touch ups maybe required 6 to 8 months after your first visit to ensure the straightening of new grown hair.

Result for Japanese Hair straightening treatment, 

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Keep in mind:

Because Japanese hair straightening changes your hairs chemical bonds, only people with healthy hair may be eligible for the treatment.

Hair with poor health, highlighted hair or hair previously treated  by any harsh chemicals is not recommended for  this treatment!

 * ( This procedure requires professional expertise ) 

Because the product is harsh and procedure is so complicated its required you find a hair stylist with special training and a lot of experience.

If you find eligible hair stylist, the end result will be AMAZING! you'll have the shiny, sleek, iron straight & healthy hair look you've always wanted!

For  FULL detail information about Japanese Hair Straightening treatment, 

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2 - Brazilian or keratin hair treatment: 

If you're looking for a treatment that makes your hair smooth, shine with an amazingly healthier look, but only lasts 2-4 months, is the best choice!

The Keratin hair treatments ( also called Brazilian blowout hair straightening - Brazilian keratin treatment - keratin complex smoothing therapy )

How it works,
The products surround the hairs shaft, NOT permanently breaking the bonds, so the natural texture of your hair will gradually come back over time. 

How it is done,

A professional hair stylist applies the keratin hair straightening treatment product  to your hair,   the products surrounds the hairs shaft, then is sealed using the heat of a flat iron. 
This procedure creates a smooth, shiny and well conditioned look to your hair. 

while this treatment not only makes your hair look silky smooth it's also perfect for replenishing  and repairing dry & damaged hair!

this treatment is  NOT permanently breaking the bonds, so the natural texture of your hair will gradually come back over time. 

Depending on the amount of maintenance you do for your hair the treatment may stay for a longer period of time. 

Result of Keratin hair treatment on Damaged hair  by Alire Hair Design
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To see more picture before & after straightening treatment 

My Suggestion, 
I always recommend that, you consult with a hair stylist that has good knowledge and experience in this field of practice. Find out what kind of hair straightening systems they may offer to use on your hair. This is important because you will want to use the straightening system that will achieve the best result, while maintaining the safety of you and your hair during and after the process.


Al, known as one of the high skill hair stylist with more than twenty years of training and experience in men and women's hairstyles in Orange County, he expert in many top quality hair care services and always keeping up with the latest techniques in permanent hair straightening & Smoothing treatment such as: 

- Japanese permanent hair straightening, Matrix & Yuko system
- Keratin hair straightening treatments
- Keratin complex smoothing therapy
also expert in top quality human hair extensions in Orange County.

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